Jan 2019:

$ANF on  Jan 9th institutional trader bought a bi weekly 3000 puts block, next day stock goes down by 10%, 1.30$ puts went to 3.30$



August 16th, 2018:

$IWM wkly calls went up 200% on big squizze.


Sept 25th , 2018:  $FCAU  took a dive as we flagged 4900 put block buy!


August-Sept 2018: $QCOM repeat calls buy and big bullish move!


August 28th,2018: $AAPL $QCOM nice 2$+ move as we have flagged unusual calls volume from institutional.



August 20th, 2018$ : Last  friday we flagged wkly calls block buy.  Today $BABA  moved  up by 5$ .  Its up 7$ since friday. Call options buyer made quick 120%+ today.

July 20th,2018: $JD put block buy got highlighted in our premium twit, trader got aggressive on July19th with next weeks 38  put  buy 2000 contracts. Stock took a 3.5% dive on the following day as you can see in chart!

July: $MU  we flagged bullish block activity and stocks kept pushing higher!




July 11th 11th: $GPRO takes a 6% dive as we  flagged a institutional buy of 5000 put options block !